Sunday, October 1, 2017

Deathscort Service 2

In my review of the first Deathscort Service I warned that it was not a movie for the squeamish; casual horror fans need not apply. Having been giving a peep at the sequel, Deathscort Service 2: The Naked Dead, I wholeheartedly double down on that sentiment.

Much like its predecessor this film is, on the surface, an explanation film; a bare-breasted gore-fest that pulls no punches with either descriptor. Yet underneath the layers (like an onion of the unspeakable) is an art piece that forces you to look at extremes in excruciating detail. You are shown images that elicit responses of glee (or alternatively arousal) that are commonplace to the rabid horror fan and then pushes it further than you expected. Often breaking boundaries that you didn't even know you had. It's voyeuristic and raw like films of the golden days of modern horror.

Writer/director Sean Donohue and Gatorblade Films deliver another retro romp that is both a love letter to the exploitative, blood-soaked horror of the 80's yet pushes farther than any film of that "golden age of Slashers" era ever dared. With each successive film Sean hones both his visual style as well as his taste for the tasteless. Giving gore hounds a thrill that hasn't been readily available for decades.

Growing up I lived for delving through shelves of worn VHSs searching out popcorn gore flicks. Salacious covers with scantily clad women, blood rolling down the screen; it's a thrill that has faded much like the American traveling circus. We could describe it for you but it just won't be the same. Gatorblade is doing much more than telling, their showing. Keeping alive the punk rock attitude that makes horror so close to my heart. Horror should not be safe, horror should not be comfortable but horror should be fun. Deathscort Service 2 excels in all three.


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